HTI Visions Downloads

Client software downloads for logging into remote HTI Dvrs (Windows Based):

Software: Current Version:
HTI Client Software: Version 5.5.12

Version 5.5.7

Version 5.5.4

Multi Dvr Software: MDVR
ICens Multi Dvr Software: Icens 1.4.1

Icens 1.4.0

Client Version Update 5.5.12 - May 2013

New Client Version 5.5.12 is now available for download. It is highly recommended, but not required, for HTI DVR Systems. Please make sure your Client Versions are 5.5.4 or later.

ICens Version Update 1.4.1 - Oct 2012

New Icenns Multi Dvr software update is available. Please make sure to upgrade to fix any bugs or video loss issues with newer Dvr System.

Mobile Viewer Available

New to Software Version 5.5.4 HTI or later DVR systems now allow remote access with Blackberry, Droid, and Iphone mobile devices. The Iphone software is also compatible with Ipads.

Please follow the links located below to download the software needed on your mobile device.

Each download will require your own personal ItunesĀ© or Google Play StoreĀ© Logins in order to download.

Note: In order for mobile viewing to be enabled you must have version 5.5.4 or later of the DVR software installed on all of your DVR. Please contact our support team for all issues related to your smart phone, or to Schedule an upgrade.

HTI Quick Support

For remote internet support please click the following Icon below Once prompted to by HTI Technician.